About Us

Here is what I know…

Wrestling 2 young boys out of bed early in the morning, right after you just peeled yourself out of the comfort of your own sheets…

Just so you can get everyone dressed, backpacks zipped, lunches packed, buckled in the car…

Only to forget your purse or wallet or phone on the kitchen counter…

And making it barrrrely on time for work feeling like you just ran a marathon…

Can not easily be done on sheer motivation alone!

It requires a little bit of help.

Enter the steaming cup of freshly brewed, warm café to bring you in for the second inning of your day.

So my wife, myself, and a few other coffee drinking fanatics decided to learn and share the coffee game so you can get your fresh cup of coffee done at home if you choose.

We want to make it simple and easy for you to find the resources and quality information you need to decide what works for you. Drinking coffee sounds simple, but it can get surprisingly complex pretty quickly!

This site is all about everything coffee from machines, grinders, to beans and brews.

We have spent hours researching the best of the best when it comes to creating your own coffeehouse from home so you don’t have to.

Our goal is to deliver the most up to date information on the best drip machines, expresso machines, french press coffee makers, or whatever fits your fancy. Like you, we don’t want to waste our time or money on stuff that looks fancy but doesn’t work. So we take lots of time (sometimes weeks) to do some combination of testing the products, gathering tons of customer reviews, and indepth research to deliver all the data you need to make a good decision.

If you the reader click on any of the coffee related products on this site and decide to purchase based on the research and analysis presented here, we may (but not always) earn a commission that supports the continued work on this site.

And even though money is important to keep the lights on and continue producing high quality content for you the reader, we believe there is something way more important:


We value trust way more than anything else, and keeping it real with our readers. Because that is what will grow The Cup Coffee House to a recognizable and trusted name. It’s the long game. And based on what my father taught me, I know it to be the only way to succeed.

To truly be fulfilled, we must be of service to others and produce things of value.

So whether its a caramel macchiato, mocha frappuccino, an espresso shot or any variation of java wizardry your mind can conjure up, you can learn to make it for yourself at The Cup Coffee House.

Who says you have to give Starbucks all your money when you can enjoy the aroma and satisfaction of your made from home coffee that rivals even the fanciest commercial concoctions.

So if you are addicted to the wonders of coffee then you are in the right place!

Welcome to The Cup Coffee House!

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