30 Funny Coffee Memes for an LOL Morning Chuckle

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funny coffee memes

Do you love coffee?

Want to hold coffee?

Want to drink coffee?

Want to be coffee?

We understand where you’re coming from. Whether it’s Monday, Friday, or any other day of the week, coffee can keep you energized and ready to tackle whatever the day brings. 

So to celebrate the awesomeness of coffee, here are 30 of our favorite funny coffee memes full of cats, magic, and laughs to read while you wait for the weekend to come back around. 

Our List of Funny Coffee Memes

1. Is that how caffeine works?

Is that how caffeine works

When the coffee goes into your body, the magic begins. You can get a surprising amount of energy from one cup. Don’t be surprised if you start leaping tall buildings in a single bound!

2. Food for thought

Food for thought

If only dinosaurs had coffee, things may have turned out a lot differently. Lucky for us, we have coffee to help us survive, and no dinosaurs to chase us Jurassic Park-style around the globe. I’d say that’s a win-win.

3. A simple to-do list for Monday.

A simple to-do list for Monday

Mondays can be difficult, but maybe it’s because you try to do too much. Grind, brew, and drink coffee. I’d say that sounds like a manageable to-do list for the first day of the workweek.

4. Now, that’s a dangerous game…

Now, that’s a dangerous game

My winning personality starts deteriorating the longer I go without coffee. No one wants to see that. Keep the coffee coming and everything will be fine.

5. It’s Monday. Again.

It’s Monday. Again

Monday rolls around at least once every week. So be prepared and make sure you have enough coffee to take on the day. Some Mondays, even your coffee is going to need some coffee to make everything right.

6. Coffee is always there for you.

Coffee is always there for you

Whether you’re an early bird or wake up at noon, coffee never gets upset. You can roll out of bed with messy hair hours later than planned and coffee will still stick around. Whenever you are ready for coffee, coffee will be there for you. 

7. Whoever invented coffee is my hero.

Whoever invented coffee is my hero

A caffeine hit in the morning can help you open your bleary eyes and begin another day. However, the taste of coffee is so good, that it can actually be your reason to wake up in the morning. Do you wait for a new day to begin just so you can have an excuse to drink coffee? When did we become like this?!

8. That first cup of coffee in the morning is essential.

That first cup of coffee in the morning is essential
Photo by @heidimariaerika92

Sometimes life doesn’t seem to make any sense. In fact, you may wake up feeling as harried as this poor cat!

But, things start coming into focus after I have that first cuppa. Down a rich cup of coffee, don your Superman cape, and you can go tackle anything this day throws at you.

9. Coffee is the perfect companion.

Coffee is the perfect companion

A few awkward first dates and bad breakups may be inevitable in your journey to find “the one” who’s right for you. But however lucky you are (or aren’t) in the game of love, coffee never lets you down. In fact, my longest-running relationship is with coffee! How about you?

10. And, we thought losing a balloon was sad!

And, we thought losing a balloon was sad

Remember that feeling when you lost your grip on your helium balloon and watched it float off into space never to return? You can feel all that sadness again as an adult when you rush to work with a warm coffee in hand and spill it in the parking lot.

“Don’t cry over spilled milk,” they say, but what about spilled coffee?!

11. Now, that’s a keeper.

Now, that’s a keeper

If someone really loves you, they’ll come back to you–-with a coffee in hand. Extra points if they know how you like to drink your coffee. (Cream, sugar, or black?)

Now, that sounds like a true love story to me!

12. It’s one of those days.

It’s one of those days

Sometimes, you need more than one cup of coffee to start off the day. A sinkful of coffee should do, though. …Right?

13. Is there such a thing as too much coffee?

Is there such a thing as too much coffee

It doesn’t matter if I’ve had zero cups of coffee or six cups of coffee, If someone asks if I want coffee, I have to say yes. This bird looks a little wired already, but can anyone say “no” to coffee?

14. I need coffee–now!

I need coffee–now

Are you dragging through the morning? Follow the smell of coffee. Keep going until you get that first cup in your body.

15. Are you a coffee addict?

Are you a coffee addict

Addict who? I don’t see an addict here. As long as I have a cup of coffee every day, I feel fine.

16. It’s weekend Eve!

It’s weekend Eve

It’s Friday and you get that first taste coffee. The weekend is coming. Life is looking (and tasting) pretty good right now.

17. A good budget plan.

A good budget plan

When you make coffee at home, you can drink it exactly as you like it. It’s also a lot cheaper. For that coffee shop feel, you can always yell out the wrong name. Or, you can just go to a coffee shop today and start budgeting tomorrow.

18. Coffee makes me my best self.

Coffee makes me my best self

Are your words coming out all wrong? Maybe you’re not a bad person. Maybe you just need a cup of coffee. Let’s drink coffee and then try this again.

19. I work best with coffee.

I work best with coffee

Coffee is warm, encouraging, and doesn’t heckle, nag, or make snide remarks. Coffee and I have a great working relationship. We can get the job done as long as we hang together.

20. Can you have a good day without coffee?

Can you have a good day without coffee

Before coffee, things may look bleak. But, after coffee…yeah, it’s going to be a good day. 


Okay, you can wish me a good morning now.

21. Coffee is easy to find if you really want it.

Coffee is easy to find if you really want it

My sense of direction may be questionable. Don’t get me started with North, South, East, and West. However, I can usually hunt down a coffee shop easily just fine. I just follow my heart (and the delicious smell of coffee).

22. We’re going to need another cup!

We’re going to need another cup

You’ve had your first cup, but annoying people are still annoying. Also, now you have to go poop. Maybe you’ll feel better after a trip to the restroom…and one more cup of coffee.

23. Coffee is magic.

Coffee is magic

Before coffee, you may be your average self. But, after coffee, you become the best version of yourself. Let the magic of coffee transform you!

24. How does this work?

how does this work

To make that first cup of coffee, I need a one-touch coffee machine…or someone who will make it for me. Coffee-making methods that require concentration–like pour-over–will have to wait until after I’ve had my first shot of caffeine.

25. What is your best coffee level?

What is your best coffee level

Drinking decaf is just like sleeping–watch out for those half-caf drinkers–and looks like Irish coffee can help you feel energized and happy at the same time. 

Personally, I usually need an espresso to get my day going. Which type of coffee do you choose to power up?

26. Coffee brewing is the best sound.

Coffee brewing is the best sound

Can we just keep things quiet until after we’ve had the first cup of the day? Thanks. Once we’ve had at least one cup of energy, the craziness can begin.

27. It’s still Thursday. But, Friday’s coming.

It’s still Thursday. But, Friday’s coming

The weekend is close, but not close enough! Drink some coffee, breathe, and just keep going. You’ll make it, Bob. Trust me.

28. Emotionally dependent on coffee.

Emotionally dependent on coffee

A warm cup of coffee in your hand can help you find your place in this world. Without coffee? Well, let’s just say a grown-up tantrum is not a good look. Give me coffee and things will work out just fine.

29. Sometimes annoying people are just annoying.

Sometimes annoying people are just annoying

Before coffee, people can be annoying. But maybe that’s just me having a bad attitude. 

After I drink a cup of coffee, I can trust my own judgment. Yeah, they’re still annoying.

30. I am coffee. Coffee is me.

I am coffee. Coffee is me

It’s hard to “person” every day. However, coffee can give you the energy to do what you can. Actually, sometimes it’s hard to tell where my personality ends, and where coffee takes over. Coffee and I are one.

Drinking coffee is a way of life

Live, laugh, and love coffee is what we say! These coffee memes gave us some laughs and we hope they brightened your day, as well. Whether you are reading this in the middle of a work week or are currently relaxing on the weekend, we hope you have your favorite type of coffee at at your elbow.

Which meme do you identify with? Let us know your favorite coffee joke in the comments.

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