Alex Praytor

Alex Praytor worked her first job as a barista, finished college, and then took a tour to the other side of the globe. She fell in love with espresso and her would-be husband in Europe. She spends her spare time visiting native Texas landmarks, ancient castles, and all the coffee shops she finds along the way. At home, she is a mom, ESL teacher, and writer, who hones her coffee-making skills daily. She enjoys passing on her coffee findings to fellow caffeine addicts in search of the perfect cup.

Italian Espresso Machine Brands

12 Most Popular Italian Espresso Machine Brands of 2023

Italy gets the credit for inventing espresso. So, if you love a good espresso and are looking for a quality machine, then Italian espresso machine brands should be on your radar.  Italian espresso machines are known for their high-quality and rich-tasting authentic espressos. You can find semi-manual machines, professional espresso makers, and even quick-serve coffee

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