How to Like Coffee: The Hate It to Love It Quick Guide

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how to like coffee

For people who love coffee, the idea of someone not liking it is mind-boggling. How to like coffee? The first sip of hot fresh black coffee in the morning, the way it instantly perks you up, the feeling of warmness, is something many Americans enjoy every day. 

But what if you are one of those people who do not like coffee?

For many people, not liking coffee is something they would like to get over. After all, many people have said it is an acquired taste. So, how do you learn to like coffee? Are there special ways you can prepare it to help you learn to enjoy it?

Let us discuss some of the common reasons people don’t like coffee and ways to prepare it to make it more enjoyable. 

Reasons why you don’t like coffee

why i dont like coffee
Find the balance to create the perfect cup of coffee just for you.
Photo by Alex Padurariu

Many people when they first try coffee despise the taste. But what is it about the taste that bothers them? Or maybe it’s how it makes them feel. Here are some of the main reasons why people don’t like coffee.

Extreme bitterness

The number one reason people do not like coffee is the harsh bitterness that coffee has. This is especially true if you add no sugar, cream, chocolate, or other flavors to tone down. Other people tone the bitterness down with eggshells, and some people love the bitterness, myself included, however, it’s not for everyone.  

They prefer the taste of other caffeinated drinks

There are plenty of other drinks with caffeine that people simply prefer. Whether it is coca cola or a monster energy drink, your local convenience store most likely contains hundreds of other caffeinated choices.

The effects of caffeine

Caffeine can make some people feel ill and get jitters. Also, some people hate that afternoon crash they feel when they are only halfway through their workday. On the opposite end, some people are simply immune to caffeine. It does nothing for them. So, if they don’t like the taste, then what’s the point?

Coffee can be expensive

Daily trips to your local barista or Starbucks can put a huge dent in your wallet. If you calculate $5 a day for every workday, you could most likely make a car payment with that money by the end of the month. Also, in general, buying coffee in the grocery store can still add up, especially if you like gourmet blends and exotic flavors. You stay may be saving money by making it at home, but if your grocery budget is tight, then you may want to consider buying coffee in bulk and choosing more generic blends. 

No matter your reason for not liking coffee, there are plenty of solutions to consider. If it’s not about the taste of coffee but the price, then you may want to consider making coffee at home.

How to drink coffee so you enjoy it

enjoy coffee
Life is like a cup of coffee. It depends how you make it!
Photo by Artem Beliaikin

Ok, so addressing the bitterness issue. There are many creative ways that you can prepare your coffee to help reduce overall bitterness. From using fewer grounds with more water to adjusting the settings on your espresso machine, you should be able to find a combination that works for and like coffee.

Next, we have all the sweet and fattening goodness that you can add to your coffee. There are also a few healthy options as well. Here are some of people’s favorites.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Cinnamon and nutmeg
  3. Peppermint sticks
  4. Almond, soy, coconut, or a form of regular milk
  5. Honey
  6. Stevia
  7. Butter
  8. Vanilla extract
  9. Salt
  10. Sugar
  11. Milk

These are just a few of the most commonly used ingredients to help reduce overall bitterness in your coffee. Some people like to make bulletproof coffee as well. And, of course, we have all our different variations of flavored syrup shots like amaretto, creme de menthe, and salted caramel

How to make yourself like black coffee

how to make yourself a black coffee
Black is beautiful, so drink it black!
Photo by Brent Ninaber

If you are trying to play it cool and pretend you enjoy black coffee until you actually do, then the only remedy is time. Many people start drinking a little coffee when they are younger, maybe around the breakfast table at grandma’s house or at an all-night diner as a teenager. 

Usually, those first few sips result in that ever-famous bitter face. The grimace and wince. But, after a while, you start to realize, hey this is “not too bad”. Then, hey, “this is alright”. Followed by, “where in the hell is my cup of coffee when I need it?”

This is natural for everyone. A steady progression that can take a few months or even a few years. But persistence is key if you want to learn to drink and like black coffee. 

Why don’t I like coffee anymore?

why dont i like coffee
All you need is love… and coffee to start your day.
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

This is actually a more common problem than you think. People love the taste of coffee for years and years and suddenly they notice that they gradually have lost their love for their fresh morning coffee. It is generally accepted that we start to lose our sense of taste and smell as we age. 

This can affect how people experience their once-favorite foods and beverages, including coffee. With coffee, it is surprising due to its intense flavors, but it happens.  

If this happens to you, you could always increase the amount of grounds you are using, but then you might be overdosing yourself with caffeine and your body is not used to it. Then comes all the ill effects of the jitters, stomach issues, and intense caffeine crashes. 

If you are one of the people who asks yourself “How to like coffee?”, you could also consider trying out new blends and new coffee flavors like blueberry, bourbon, or Hawaiian coconut. The only thing you really can do is experiment with the types of coffee you are using and what you are putting in it until you find something that you enjoy. 


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