Linkind Aroma Pour Over Coffee Maker Review 2024: Does This Easy Coffee Gadget Truly Delight?

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 by Jules Winnfield

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something different. Sometimes you want more than a warm drip cup of coffee or a mouth watering French press or a delicious espresso latte. What ever it is, you’re craving something with a different flavor rich profile.

And the best way I know to satisfy that itch is with a nice cup of fresh pour over coffee brew. But what if you just don’t have the time to sit back and enjoy the experiential journey of a pour over cup? Even worst, what if you want to take your cup on the road with you, to work or school, camping or fishing?

The solution could be Linkind’s Aroma pour over coffee maker. An automated easy to carry and use machine with the potential to whip up a great cup of pour over coffee for you.

In this review, we will take a closer detailed look at the Aroma pour over coffee maker by Linkind. We will unpack its well known features and advantages and disadvantages to help you determine if this automated pour over coffee maker is the right fit for you.

Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker
This automatic pour over brewer makes it easy and fast to whip 4 oz shots of espresso whenever you want.

Last update on 2024-06-19

So whether you are in the mood for a fresh cup of pour over coffee done for you or want something of high quality while traveling, keep reading to get all the details on the Aroma pour over coffee maker!

What’s So Good About the Linkind Aroma Pour Over Coffee Maker?

Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker, 120ml One Cup Battery-Driven Brewer with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter, Simulate Handcraft, Compact in Size, Portable for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Black

If I can find a way to get the things I love the most to be done automatically without me, I am all for it! And the Aroma pour over coffee maker fits that bill. It combines traditional pour over coffee making methods with the power of automation and design to help the busy mom and dad get the best of life in less time.

Linkind is not a stranger to innovation and technology. Since 2005, Linkind has created more products designed to connect smart devices together in the internet of things future we are heading. So no surprise the Aroma pour over coffee maker comes with the same attention to convenience, automation and efficiency. What else makes the Aroma stand out?

Important Feature #1: Automatic pour over

If you know a little something about pour over coffee brewing, you know that while the resulting beverage can be incredibly satisfying, it can be taxing to make it in the first place. With having to pay attention to the ratio of coffee grounds to water, the temperature of the water, and the rate and consistency of the pouring of water, it can be challenging even for a skilled barista to replicate the perfect maneuvers to make a great pour over brew every single time.

With the Aroma pour over coffee maker, you never have to worry about that. The Aroma has an automated pouring system that evenly and consistently delivers water to your grounds. Similar to other high quality automatic pour over coffee makers on the market, all you do is pour in the water, and the 2 rotating streams allow for maximum and consistent saturation and extraction each time you brew. This means less time worrying about pouring and more time inhaling the bold aroma and getting other stuff done in the morning!

Important Feature #2: Portable, lightweight

What’s better than enjoying a handcrafted brew you just whipped up? Enjoying it in your office, at school, or at the hotel during your travels!

The Aroma pour over coffee maker is surprisingly compact and light enough to carry and or pack in your luggage. It also comes cordless and requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. The batteries are used for the automated rotating streams. This means you can literally enjoy a great fresh cup of coffee anywhere you can see yourself. It’s also nice that even though the Aroma is light, its still made of shatter proof and food grade quality material.

If you want to see more battery operated coffee makers to choose from, check out our full review on the best battery powered coffee makers on the market.

Important Feature #3: Reusable stainless steel mesh filter

If you are fed up with clunkiness, and messiness of coffee filters than you will appreciate that Linkind’s Aroma pour over coffee maker also comes with a reusable filter. Its made of stainless steel and is incredibly easy to rinse and clean up after use. Never having to worry about using cloth or paper filters again puts this coffee maker in my strongly consider list alone.

Can Do/ Can’t Do

Is the Linkind Aroma pour over coffee maker looking like a decent option for all my coffee lovers out there? So far maybe. But lets break it down to exactly what it can and can not do so you can get the feel of it for yourself.

  • It can make pour over coffee with optimized coffee water ratio
  • It can automatically pour the water in a consistent and even manner without you
  • It can work without a coffee filter – the easy to clean stainless steel mesh filter is a convenient luxury for sure
  • It can not boil water for you – so if you are traveling, on the road away from a heat source, this may present a challenge. But if you’re creative, a microwave or even a campfire could work!
  • It can not make a full size cup at a time – Each brew will only make 4 ounces or about 1/2 a cup of coffee. This makes it more portable and travel friendly but also a little annoying to have to brew 2-3 batches to get a good nice cup.
  • It can not use K cup or other coffee pods – If you prefer grounds than perfect. If you like the convenience and quick flavor of coffee pods, the Aroma won’t work for you
  • It can work without a cord – Just a few batteries will get this coffee brewing machine up and running
  • It can travel fairly easy
  • It can be bought on a cheap budget – going for less than $20 makes this coffee maker a pretty darn good deal if you ask me

How Do You Use It?

One of the geniuses of the Aroma pour over coffee maker is it takes what is usually a laborious task of pour over coffee making and automates many parts of it. This way you get what many describe as a smooth fresh cup of coffee without sweating for it. Exactly how does it work? Its pretty simple actually.

  • Step 1: Add batteries into the housing of the Aroma coffee maker
  • Step 2: Take out the mesh filter and pour your favorite grounds. No need to measure. Just use one scoop of the provided coffee spoon and you’re good to go.
  • Step 3. Place the mesh filter with coffee grounds into the housing. With the water tank on top, place the whole setup on top of your favorite mug.
  • Step 4: Turn on the coffee maker.
  • Step 5: Begin to pour hot water into the water chamber up to the max level. Then let the magic begin! In 2-2.5 minutes the water will pour over your grounds perfectly creating a really hot fresh cup of coffee into your mug.
  • Step 6: Take apart the housing and water chamber. Wash and rinse the mesh filter. Pack away for the next brewing session.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The Aroma pour over coffee maker may sound like a nice little coffee maker travel option but what do people really think about it? We took a look at the reviews just to make sure it works the way it should. Here is what we found.

Overall most people enjoyed the quality and convenience of this pour over coffee maker. The coffee was “hot and smooth” according to one review. Many loved the travel compact size, making it a great option for camping, fishing, and vacations.

The biggest drawback for most people was the small size of coffee it makes. 4 ounces was too small. However some tried fixing this by adding more water into the tank which could give you almost a full 8 ounce cup. But I suspect that would have diluted your coffee.

However if you add more coffee grounds to account for this, then you could reasonably experiment till you found the right amount of coffee grounds to extra water to get a full cup of great tasting brew that works for you each time.

Also there was a mention of how the Aroma pour over coffee maker doesn’t account for the blooming effect. Generally you want to pause for at least 30 seconds after the bloom starts to let the gas escape so you can get maximum coffee extraction from the beans.

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How Does it Compare?

We also wanted to take a look at other similar coffee maker options on the market. Is the Aroma pour over coffee maker worth it compared to what’s out there in terms of quality and affordability? Let’s see.

The Aroma vs The Chemex

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker - Classic Series - 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

First we wanted to compare the Aroma to another well known pour over coffee maker. The obvious choice was the Chemex pour over glass coffee maker. Known for decades for its signature hour glass shape, the Chemex has not only been recognized for its modern design but also its great tasting coffee. So how do these 2 coffee makers compare?

  • The Chemex is not automated like the Aroma. So you will have to get more intimately involved in the manual brewing by pouring the water yourself in a reproduceable manner.
  • The Chemex requires coffee filters. Unlike the Aroma, you need special bonded filters for the Chemex. These filters help extract more flavor and freshness, while minimizing bitterness.
  • The Chemex makes a bigger batch brew. At 700 ml that’s almost 3 full cups of coffee compared to the Aroma’s less than 1 cup
  • The Chemex glass carafe may be a little more fragile, according to some reviews

Similar to the Aroma pour over coffee maker, the Chemex setup needs your own coffee grounds and a hot water source. If you like a more distinct smooth tasting coffee that you can set up at home and makes several cups at a time, check out the Chemex. But if you want more portability without carrying a ton of excess items to make your coffee, then the Aroma may be a better fit.

The Aroma vs The Brim

brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker Kit, Simply Make Rich, Full-Bodied Coffee Every Time, Set Includes Glass Carafe, SCA Measuring Scoop, Silicone Sleeve, and Healthy-Eco Reusable Filter, Stainless Steel

Since the Aroma is an automated pour over coffee maker, we wanted to compare it to another tech advanced pour over coffee maker. Enter the Brim 8 cup pour over coffee maker kit. Brim offers the same rich flavor of coffee but with a few different twists you may want to compare.

  • The Brim uses an automated shower head. This allows it to optimize the right amount of water into the coffee grounds consistently so you don’t have to. The Aroma uses a similar technology with a rotating water head.
  • The Brim accounts for blooming unlike the Aroma. Built in pulsing technology means the Brim knows when to pour and when to pause so you can get the best tasting full coffee flavor on autopilot.
  • The Brim makes up to 8 cups at a time unlike the Aroma – great for making batches for groups.
  • The Brim comes with a permanent laser etches filter, so no need to carry your own.
  • The Brim comes in at $140, much more expensive compared to the Aroma.

If you want the best tasting pour over coffee with rich smooth flavor from the comfort of your own home without having to stand and pour the water yourself and don’t mind price over quality, the Brim 8 cup pour over coffee maker may be your answer. But if you want the same flavor and automation in a single serving while at the office or traveling, the Aroma probably fits the bill better.

The Final Verdict

Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker, 120ml One Cup Battery-Driven Brewer with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter, Simulate Handcraft, Compact in Size, Portable for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Black

If you are a coffee lover who enjoys a fantastic hot cup of pour over coffee, even while you are traveling, camping, fishing or vacationing that is easy to pack and store without the stress of doing the pouring and measuring, and comes at an affordable price, then the Aroma pour over coffee maker by Linkind looks like a good option to consider.

If you are a purist and prefer to do the work yourself with a kettle, filter, filter stand, and filter paper, and want more coffee then a half cup then consider other options. There are a few SCA certified drip coffee makers and gooseneck kettles that offer a pour over option you can consider.

But the Aroma can be tinkered with to get a full single serve cup as we mentioned above and you don’t have to worry about carrying around all those extra items.

Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker
This automatic pour over brewer makes it easy and fast to whip 4 oz shots of espresso whenever you want.

Last update on 2024-06-19

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